Self-consumption of energy

Keybas energy is the expert who helps you to become more independent by producing your own electricity. This way you can reduce your CO2 emissions, green your image, enhance the value of your building, reduce your expenses and comply with the objectives set by the government.  Become an energy producer!

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Self-consumption of energy

KEYBAS energy helps you reduce your energy footprint and use decarbonated energy, produced in your premises, through the implementation of solar panels and storage batteries. The synergy is complete with the installation of charging stations that optimize your self-consumption! Everything you need to make a success of your ecological transition and mobility.

Some figures for France…

the power of the solar photovoltaic park at the end of March 2020

the production of electricity from solar photovoltaic sources at the end of March 2020

France, 4th country in Europe in terms of photovoltaic installations

Source : France Hydrogène | Perspectives 2020/30

décret energie éco teritaire

Éco Énergie Tertiaire decree

Within the framework of this decree, the reduction in consumption is that which is drawn from the network. Consequently, energy consumed directly on site is not counted and is part of the consumption reduction that can be listed on OPERAT. Self-consumption will help you meet your regulatory objectives.

Loi orientation des mobilité


Reducing the carbon impact of buildings, continuing to improve their energy performance and guaranteeing their coolness during hot summers: these are the main objectives of the RE2020, which will apply to new buildings from 1 January 2021. Consequently, energy consumed directly on site is not counted and is part of the consumption reduction that can be listed on OPERAT. Self-consumption will help you meet your regulatory objectives.

    systeme chauffage ventilation bacs décret

    Building Automation & Control Systems

    Standard requiring the installation of a control and automation system for non-residential tertiary buildings, when the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems exceed 290kW. It will be applicable on January 1, 2025 for all buildings subject to it.

    Nevertheless, this standard allows to reduce considerably the energy consumption.

    The need:

    heading toward self-consumption & self-production


    We offer you a unique turnkey solution for the installation of solar panels and energy storage batteries, but also the various recharging infrastructures such as electric recharging stations or hydrogen stations that will be able to draw their energy from this energy ecosystem. An all-inclusive formula including an audit, advice in the choice of equipment, the supply of charging stations, obtaining eligible subsidies, installation, commissioning, supervision, maintenance, and a total guarantee for the duration of the commitment.


    Technical visit

    After studying your needs, an audit of the premises is carried out to collect factual data and elaborate the possibilities of implementation.


    Project study

    Recommendations for installation and energy optimization with costing and profitability.


    Installation coordination

    Implementation of the selected project with coordination of the works, technical certification of the installations, training in the use, and parameter setting.


    Follow-up of the contract

    Permanent follow-up by our services of the infrastructures in place for possible preventive or curative maintenance.

    A multi-brand portfolio that includes all the manufacturers and energy suppliers on the market.

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