Our Commitment

Circular economy is the core of our business model

Circular economy

To produce goods and services in a sustainable way by limiting the consumption and waste of resources and the production of waste. This means moving from a throwaway society to a more circular economic model.

Our commitment

It is important for our CEO, Mickaël Perrin, “that the corporate purpose of Keybas energy is no longer simply profit without consideration for the environmental problems that the industrial and tertiary sectors cause”.

This approach reflects Keybas’ deep conviction that the preservation of the planet must be at the heart of its strategy.

Involvement in environmental issues through our business model based on the circular economy. Management tools and services inherent to our usage solution are developed in a sustainable and responsible economy approach (cost optimization, dematerialization of processes, reduction of human interventions, etc.).

In line with its raison d’être, Keybas has defined strong human, social and environmental objectives that it aims to achieve.


Key concepts

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Environmental issues are at the heart of our business model. Our services are part of an eco-design and sustainability approach. How do we do this? By monitoring equipment and developing a maintenance and repair service at the cutting edge of innovation (predictive, preventive and curative maintenance).

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Usage-based solution

The usage solution is the very principle of KEYBAS solutions, which respond to a change in mentalities and consumption patterns.
From being owner, we move to a usage solution to avoid overconsumption.

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Product circularity

We are committed to promoting the reuse of equipment by giving them multiple lives according to our customers’ needs. From a vertical consumption of the product, we turn into a circular consumption. The product then has several lives.
How do we do this? By putting used equipment back on the market.

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Recycling index

We are committed to working with suppliers who guarantee a 90% recyclability index for their equipment.
How do we do this? By signing a charter that commits our partners to provide recyclable products.

Our purpose


Respecting the environment

Minimizing the environmental impact through the circular economy. KEYBAS is committed to promoting the re-use of equipment by implementing a usage solution based on the circularity of the product by giving it multiple lives according to the needs of our customers.

Reducing waste

By monitoring the equipment and developing a predictive maintenance service, KEYBAS wants to increase the lifetime of the equipment and thus contribute to the reduction of waste.


Recyclability index

KEYBAS wants to create a mandatory recyclability index for automotive and industrial workshop equipment. Gradually, we select suppliers based on their products and their ecological impact.


Energy transition

Our mission is to create an energy ecosystem to gain autonomy while reducing its ecological impact. Thanks to our usage solutions, we facilitate the access to the necessary infrastructures in order to succeed in your ecological transition.

Eco-friendly digital solutions

Digital solutions are being deployed exponentially around the world and with them, their impact on the environment. KEYBAS® is committed to Planet Tech’Care to reduce its environmental footprint.