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Phygital solutions


We develop phygital solutions to simplify the management of recharging infrastructure, energy and the operating network, but also to ensure a quality service to your employees.

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Always in an approach of continuous improvement, R&D, and elbow grease, we work on innovation projects to simplify your missions…

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Finding your future installation projects has never been easier!

The KBconnect web application allows you to organize, quickly and easily, your projects of installation of electric bollards: progress of the installation, planning of maintenance… You will be able to draw up your quotes and respond to our calls for projects!

A system of notation and comments will also be possible in order to gain notoriety and legitimacy!


Run your fleet of charging stations in real time…

Complete supervision platform for the monitoring of charging infrastructures! The KBsmartcharging web application allows you to quickly and easily organize your maintenance to offer a park of electric charging stations always operational!

Essential for a complete visibility, this tool allows you to have a global control in real time, without software installation required!

Alert, plan an intervention, program your conditions to automate the management of your park…