About us

Circular economy is the core of our business model


Our offers are based on the development of dedicated technologies in order to extend the life of the equipment, and to enhance its reconditioning.


Wishing to make this transition accessible to all, all of our solutions are based on a subscription-based offer to preserve your cash flow.

Our values


The heart of our ecosystem


Our customers & suppliers needs are our priorities


The common thread of our company


It is the driving force behind our continuous improvement process.


Through our circular economy based concept

We develop phygital solutions for you. Yes to digital, but tools and solutions tailored to you and your needs as a user.

As part of our ongoing R&D, we integrate the latest IoT technologies to improve our solutions and your user experience. We get the best out of innovation to simplify your life.

We ensure that we observe the principles of the circular economy through our actions and our offers, while making sure our internal employees, but also our partners and customers are fully taken into consideration.

Innovative & eco-responsible solutions

You got it…

Circular economy is the core of our business model

Product-service systems (PSS) is the very principle of Keybas solutions to respond to a change in mentality and consumption behaviour. From ownership to lease, we aim to avoid overconsumption and to promote the circularity of the product.

From a vertical consumption of the product, we are turning to a circular consumption. This is made possible thanks to our Product-service systems (PSS)-based concept and the development of platforms dedicated to second-hand equipments. The product then has several lives.


We working to favor biosourced equipments and products from our manufacturing partners. And beyond that, we want to guarantee the recycling cycle through approved channels in order to preserve our environment.

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The circular economy comes into play right from the product design! Through equipment monitoring and the development of a state-of-the-art maintenance and repair service (including predictive, preventive and curative maintenances), KEYBAS energy aims to increase the life span of equipment and guarantee its quality.

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100% customized online platforms to centralize and optimize the administrative management and steering of your fleets or energy network. A complete traceability that allows you to manage your budget while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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Choosing suppliers according to the recyclability of their products. KEYBAS wishes to work with suppliers who guarantee, by signing a charter, a 90% recyclability index of their equipment and a progressive implementation of the “eco” label on our e-shop.